Karlie Kloss - "Fuck me" video controversy



Im talking about this :

Some fashion sites are thrilled, some say it's too much already..What do you think? Is she already too skinny for your taste?
I think she is beautiful now (but I liked her figure better when she was fuller a lil) , but the harsh lightning doesn't do her beauty justice at all..

In Poland it seems to be very, very controversial. What's your thoughts about it?
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oh wow, look at the ribs in her back! :luv:
sorry but i love it. i would adore to look that way.
i am an admirer of the super skinny though...
Okay at around 2 mins in the video, I too was shocked by her xylophone extending down to the centre of her ribs, as she laid on her side, but I think it's more with the light and everything
and she's a powerful skinny, look at those muscles!
@Selanis, sometimes I think she looked slightly better before, but most times I'm happy for how skinny, yet muscular she is.
I was waiting for something to shock me but it didn't. She looks gorgeous: great figure.

Things like this just confirm to me why I like girls. :)

Is it controversial because of the fetishwear/bondage, because it's kind of lesbian, or because she's thin?

For me, they're all good. :sneaky:
Is it controversial because of the fetishwear/bondage, because it's kind of lesbian, or because she's thin?

For me, they're all good. :sneaky:

I was going ti ask the same :) cause I mean, it's not THAT bad! I think Karlie looks good.
I can't find any reasons why it's controversial.

Anyways, I've adored Karlie right from the start and still love her and am loving her new body. She seems so powerful :luv:
Only the skinny'ness is causing controvesy, oddly. I can only hope she dropped even further down because *she* wanted, because she was perfection before for me.
Still, great thinspo even if I will never look as good as her at that weight :bow:
I think she looks gorgeous, her body is amazing. I am just not a fan of the title. The video is fine.. but the title makes it seem 'too soon' for her. I don't know.. whenever I think of Karlie Kloss I think of her big smile.. not of that video.

I thought it was less sexually suggestive than some VS commercials.

I loved the editing and the idea, but it should have stopped around the 1:40 mark - it was getting too repetitive, with no real structure. No build up and climax (you see it sometimes in bad books when a plot and random climax only show up in the last 30 pages).

I also loved Karlies body and don't find it shocking. That said, I also don't find her particularily sensual either, or able to portray both submissive and dominant personalities. To me, Karlie always kinda projects strength and dominance, even with the psychedelic images.
i agree that the video itself is pretty boring. too many elements without any fully developed ones. and the music... argh

anw, I'm amazed at how bony she is. I know she has always been skinny but I would think more "fit and toned" instead of "bony". her body looks so long in that video
I don't usually say this, but she looks flat out ill too me. I think she's meant to be skinny, but not this skinny.
I don't think she is too skinny. This video is so weird though. I always think of Karlie being 15 and in teen vogue LOL.
I still love Karlie's body as long as she isnt making herself ill I dont care how skinny she gets. Her body is beautiful:luv:.