Karlie Kloss - "Fuck me" video controversy

Discussion in 'Models' started by Selanis, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Selanis

    Selanis Guest

    Im talking about this :

    Some fashion sites are thrilled, some say it's too much already..What do you think? Is she already too skinny for your taste?
    I think she is beautiful now (but I liked her figure better when she was fuller a lil) , but the harsh lightning doesn't do her beauty justice at all..

    In Poland it seems to be very, very controversial. What's your thoughts about it?
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  2. ExtraShot

    ExtraShot Guest

    oh wow, look at the ribs in her back! :luv:
    sorry but i love it. i would adore to look that way.
    i am an admirer of the super skinny though...
  3. namie

    namie Guest

    I don't think she's too skinny.
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  4. Andie

    Andie Worker Bee

    Feb 25, 2012
    Love it! She became so sexy. :luv:
  5. AK91

    AK91 Guest

    Okay at around 2 mins in the video, I too was shocked by her xylophone extending down to the centre of her ribs, as she laid on her side, but I think it's more with the light and everything
    and she's a powerful skinny, look at those muscles!
    @Selanis, sometimes I think she looked slightly better before, but most times I'm happy for how skinny, yet muscular she is.
  6. Jailbait

    Jailbait Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    I was waiting for something to shock me but it didn't. She looks gorgeous: great figure.

  7. Skinny2012

    Skinny2012 Guest

    great thinspo!
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  8. Silent Night

    Silent Night Grand Dame

    Feb 8, 2012
    Things like this just confirm to me why I like girls. :)

    Is it controversial because of the fetishwear/bondage, because it's kind of lesbian, or because she's thin?

    For me, they're all good. :sneaky:
  9. Ally

    Ally Rising Star

    Jan 23, 2012
    I was going ti ask the same :) cause I mean, it's not THAT bad! I think Karlie looks good.
  10. classichic

    classichic Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    I can't find any reasons why it's controversial.

    Anyways, I've adored Karlie right from the start and still love her and am loving her new body. She seems so powerful :luv:
  11. Selanis

    Selanis Guest

    Only the skinny'ness is causing controvesy, oddly. I can only hope she dropped even further down because *she* wanted, because she was perfection before for me.
    Still, great thinspo even if I will never look as good as her at that weight :bow:
  12. smallbones

    smallbones Rookie

    Feb 9, 2012
    I loved it and her body looks absolutely amazing, especially the part where her xylophone shows.:luv:
  13. SugarFree

    SugarFree VIP - Insider

    Feb 4, 2012
    I think she looks gorgeous, her body is amazing. I am just not a fan of the title. The video is fine.. but the title makes it seem 'too soon' for her. I don't know.. whenever I think of Karlie Kloss I think of her big smile.. not of that video.

  14. SugarFree

    SugarFree VIP - Insider

    Feb 4, 2012
    I lied, the music in the video is annoying, so the video is not fine.. lol.
  15. Peppertea3

    Peppertea3 Guest

    I thought it was less sexually suggestive than some VS commercials.

    I loved the editing and the idea, but it should have stopped around the 1:40 mark - it was getting too repetitive, with no real structure. No build up and climax (you see it sometimes in bad books when a plot and random climax only show up in the last 30 pages).

    I also loved Karlies body and don't find it shocking. That said, I also don't find her particularily sensual either, or able to portray both submissive and dominant personalities. To me, Karlie always kinda projects strength and dominance, even with the psychedelic images.
  16. amb

    amb Guest

    i agree that the video itself is pretty boring. too many elements without any fully developed ones. and the music... argh

    anw, I'm amazed at how bony she is. I know she has always been skinny but I would think more "fit and toned" instead of "bony". her body looks so long in that video
  17. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    Wait, what!? You mean models are thin!?!? BLASPHEMY.
  18. Thin2012

    Thin2012 Banned

    Jan 19, 2012
    I don't usually say this, but she looks flat out ill too me. I think she's meant to be skinny, but not this skinny.
  19. queenegoist

    queenegoist Guest

    I don't think she is too skinny. This video is so weird though. I always think of Karlie being 15 and in teen vogue LOL.
  20. I still love Karlie's body as long as she isnt making herself ill I dont care how skinny she gets. Her body is beautiful:luv:.

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