Just started a skinny video blog!

I love this :luv: such a great idea and you sound so British! :grin: go us! I also love your comment on raging fatties and pro ana girls ;) So true!
I just finished watching it! :)

I really like the idea, and the fact that you´re so open and honest about your experiences, your weight loss and other people... You definitely have a new follower!
You are totally gorgeous! Plus, I looove your accent, I'm so jealous!

Love love it!! I feel like I know you much more, now that I've seen you actually talk and such :) Maybe someday when I'm thinner and have some success stories/something interesting to say I'll start a similar project.

Keep with it! :luv:
You seem to be so lovely, the kind of person everyone would love to have around to talk to and share real things. And your accent is simply :luv: why don't we have the british accent too?? :(
Brilliant video, love your accent and smile! Definitely will be looking out for your next one :)
Fab idea chicky and you look gorgeous, i don't know where you find the time you seem like such a busy bee!:grin:
Just watched your blog :). I really like your accent and your smile. And so beautiful. I'm looking forward to your next blog.