Jordana Brewster



IMO she is just an "ok" actress, you may know her from the Fast and the Furious movies (or maybe not if you don't have two brothers like i do who make me watch every action movie out there... ;)), but next to Mischa Barton (back in her OC California days) she was one of my first thinspos ever... luckily she didn't turn out as Mischa and she looks about the same (not anywhere near model skinny but still a thinspo to me).

What do you think about her? Btw what was your first thinspo ever?





She has an amazing figure, so toned! I remember seeing Fast Five in the cinema last year and thinking she was great thinspo. My first thinspo was Megan Fox although not so much anymore :/
She has a perfect body for my taste. Amazing shape, bone structure, not too much muscle but still toned. As I don´t always go for the superskinny models, girls like her are a great inspiration for more realistic goals :)

My absolutely first thinspo was an old picture of myself actually in which I had 10 lbs less *laughs* I know it sounds ridiculous, but I had gained quite a lot and I saw that picture and saw my actual fatty body and I was SO shocked. It took a while until I managed to really change my habits, but then I was motivated to get even better by Abbey Lee Kershaw. I did not look at her because of her body initially, it was her face and expression that I really liked, but that she looks so edgy in her clothes has also to do with her body of course and that inspired me to keep on track.
Í didn't know she was on the OC. I'm trying to picture her in it and I can't remember. Anyhoo she looks toned and fit.

My first thinspo was Mary-Kate Olsen in Holiday in the sun the scene where she's wearing a bikini on the beach with Ashley and she gets invited to a party. Her stomach looked so good in that scene. Since then I've vowed to never let myself go and keep up my fussy eating.
Í didn't know she was on the OC. I'm trying to picture her in it and I can't remember. Anyhoo she looks toned and fit.

She wasn't on the OC, i was refering to Mischa. But Jordana and Mischa were both my favourite thinspos back then.
Oh yeah - I had forgotten about her! She's a good one - I love her figure and her face too.

Hmmm.. I had to really think about my first thinspiration. I'm not really sure, but I'm going to go with Christina Ricci after she slimmed down. Not that she has an outstanding figure or antyhing, but she was a chunk for a while, but looked fabulous after she lost weight.