Jeans advice



So I have bucked the skinny jeans trend because I never find any that seem to fit right. I wear a size 25 and every pair seems to fit in the front but has excess fabric that bunches in the back of the thighs. Even jeggings do this. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Also I am in my mid thirties. I still love my body but maybe I should just hang it up and forget skinny jeans because I am too old for them :run: Thoughts? Usually I wear Banana Republic straight legs in size 0 but they are a little loose--good for errand running but not sexy.
you could try this site, they have you answer some questions, and then tell you what might be the best brands/styles for you.....not a sure fix but might give you some ideas perhaps...
my trick with jeans and jean shorts is to wash the new jeans in very hot water, spin dry slightly and then put them on damp and walk around in the sunshine. they will shrink an will dry to your shape.