Jada Pinket Smith

Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Lola, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Lola

    Lola Guest

    I am surprised that nobody talks about her.

    Yes, she is short, muscular but I really like the fact that she had 2 babies and at 40 years old she is still quite thin, maybe borderline skinny.

    She is an example for me because she didn't have major weight fluctuations like B Spears , C Aguilera or Oprah.

    Still, there is something freaky about her face:(

    So , what do you think about her?



  2. Skinny2012

    Skinny2012 Guest

    Most of the time she dresses pretty bad imo.
  3. Coquette

    Coquette Guest

    She has nice collarbones :) But I agree about her face... something seems "off".
  4. RedGlitter

    RedGlitter Guest

    Ugh. How old is she? 40? She should know better, so I can only hope someone paid her for wearing this pink nightmare? :lol:
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  5. georgia88

    georgia88 Guest

  6. Lola

    Lola Guest

    I have read the article but I still wonder if she is just careful to her diet or is she is a little bit obsessed about it:confused:
  7. teenytina

    teenytina Guest

    It's nice to see more small black people in the celebrity realm. (Love you, Zoe Saldana!)

    I swear, seeing that fat pig on Glee, made me stop watching the show.
  8. Lola

    Lola Guest

    I have read she is half Indian too:)

    What do you mean by saying "hat fat pig on Glee":confused:?
  9. I like her. Saw her band live once and, contrary to popular opinion, they were really rather good! "something inside of meeeee.....iiiisss pissed!" \m/

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