Iryna Rozhik



I don't know if any of you guys have come across her before, but I've been following her career for a while and I absolutely adore her look! :luv: There are some earlier shots of her in which it's plain how much weight she has lost in order to fit the high-fashion aesthetic! What a beauty...




And a before!

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Amazing thinspo :bow:


Great before & after story too because this is what she used to look like:
I just love her, body face poses everything

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I am hyperventilating right now. :shy:
She is beautiful and I love the fact that she can be a total babe in editorials as well as the bitchiest sharpest creature ever.
so much love :luvluv:
I really love her, she is SO beautiful and her body is :ijizzed:
She's perfect!
Whoa, her transformation is amazing :bow:

She looked so 'normal,' and now she looks out-of-this-world...
At first I wasn't sure about her (she has such a strong, sharp look) but now I absolutely love it. I wonder how old she is though, there seems to be some lack of consensus on thefashionspot, some people say she's supposed to be 16 or so, but she looks way older :confused:
Anyway, she's gorgeous- beautiful face and such a skinny body.

And I adore her honesty ( : "But probably, my secrets are rather banal. To eat healthy food, it is constant sports, constantly to watch itself. " ;)
I doubt she is 16. If so, she is the roughest looking 16 years old ever. Whatever, GREAT transformation. Her fashionspot thread has recent polaroids of her and I hug everyone who suffers from a huge forehead and receding hairline too.