into the wild



have you seen into the wild??

no? go watch it! its an amazing movie! i saw it the other day and it blew me away. it really makes you wanna get out there and do something!

warning: have tissues at the ready for the ending, its a tear jerker (plus its a true story, which makes it even more heart-wrenching)

what other movies motivate you to get up and go on an adventure? because they're my favourite kind!


Worker Bee
Feb 13, 2012
i love that movie, its so well done, everything about it just comes together really well to make a great movie: the music, that actors, the director, the locations, the costume, i think they captured the essence of that story really well

and yes such an amazing and profound story, but i find it really difficult to watch the end especially after i found out this:

spoiler: you know how he can't make it back across the river? well, in real life if he'd walked 50m upstream he would have found a sort of compartment he could have pulled towards himself and hopped in and pulled himself over that damn river! he could have survived if hed just walked 50damn metres and i wouldnt have been sad at the end of the movie, i was so frustrated when i found that out, now everytime i watch that scene im chuckin stuff at the screen and yelling "walk upstream! walk upstream!"


Worker Bee
Jan 23, 2012
London, UK
ohhh buddy this is one of my favourite films! though I watched it in the middle of my depression stage so it didn't help me already wanting to turn against the world and run off to a little island, just me, some books and coconuts and pineapples for life... :run::lol:


I am in love with this movie (own it) and I read the book. Both were wonderful.


I think it is REALLY sad/pathetic how he died. Pathetic because as was said before, there were SO MANY ways for him to get out of there if he just looked a bit. For example, there was a ranger station nearby. Poor guy probably needed a better plan...

Oh and Kristen Stewart was AWFUL in this movie, just like any OTHER movie she's in. Just so you know. Guh.

I've never seen it but there's a movie with James Franco where he's hopping around in the wilderness...and then he gets his arm stuck...127 Hours...or something along those lines.