into the wild



have you seen into the wild??

no? go watch it! its an amazing movie! i saw it the other day and it blew me away. it really makes you wanna get out there and do something!

warning: have tissues at the ready for the ending, its a tear jerker (plus its a true story, which makes it even more heart-wrenching)

what other movies motivate you to get up and go on an adventure? because they're my favourite kind!
i love that movie, its so well done, everything about it just comes together really well to make a great movie: the music, that actors, the director, the locations, the costume, i think they captured the essence of that story really well

and yes such an amazing and profound story, but i find it really difficult to watch the end especially after i found out this:

spoiler: you know how he can't make it back across the river? well, in real life if he'd walked 50m upstream he would have found a sort of compartment he could have pulled towards himself and hopped in and pulled himself over that damn river! he could have survived if hed just walked 50damn metres and i wouldnt have been sad at the end of the movie, i was so frustrated when i found that out, now everytime i watch that scene im chuckin stuff at the screen and yelling "walk upstream! walk upstream!"
ohhh buddy this is one of my favourite films! though I watched it in the middle of my depression stage so it didn't help me already wanting to turn against the world and run off to a little island, just me, some books and coconuts and pineapples for life... :run::lol:
I am in love with this movie (own it) and I read the book. Both were wonderful.


I think it is REALLY sad/pathetic how he died. Pathetic because as was said before, there were SO MANY ways for him to get out of there if he just looked a bit. For example, there was a ranger station nearby. Poor guy probably needed a better plan...

Oh and Kristen Stewart was AWFUL in this movie, just like any OTHER movie she's in. Just so you know. Guh.

I've never seen it but there's a movie with James Franco where he's hopping around in the wilderness...and then he gets his arm stuck...127 Hours...or something along those lines.