Hey gurls! Its a long time since I have been on here so happy to be back :). Anyways I am looking for some advice on internships. I am looking to land a really good internship in London Summer 2013. I was going to apply to Vogue but I don't know where to even start or how to approach other places as there is not a lot being advertised but I would still like to try some places :hmm:. Can any of you offer some advice? Or link to pages? The majority of gurls on here know the industry so your help would be appreciated :). I am looking to do a fashion photography or editorial internship. Thank you for any advice! :kiss:
Honestly, it's all about who you know in the industry - be it fashion, film, media etc. Can you think of any connections your family/friends may have? Also, make sure to network at any events.
If you haven't interned before you won't get Vogue. They don't advertise work experience for most companies so you just need to go on everyone's websites and find contact info, most will say contact xyz for work experience as they get so inundated they don't want you just emailing anyone and everyone. Pm me if you want more specific advice I've interned most magazines in London at this point :lol: (credible ones anyway) and an agency and a website and with stylists blah blah blah. Just don't ask me about getting a paid job :rolleyes:

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I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US it's pretty easy to score internships at fashion week. A couple years ago I landed one with MK, and al I really did was steam clothing backstage but it was still an awesome experience and name dropping is pretty big in the industry, it's definitely helped me advance :)
If you look under most magazine websites, under "Contact" or "About Us" there will be some sort of link for info regarding internships. If not, look under "Careers" and contact their employment email. Email, then call if you really want to. It's better to call with some information already under your belt than to just ask for info and email after -- shows more enthusiasm, IMO.

I can say that for my own mag, I look for keen interest and a serious attitude regarding what you're doing more than anything else. It means 1000x more for a girl to, say, submit her personal (yet still professional-looking) fashion blog and list off her favourte five photographers recently featured in the magazine than for a girl to tell me the ten mags she's interned for in the past. It's great that she has experience, but I start to think that I'm just another entry on her resume as opposed to something she's really excited for and will give her all to.