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What's that saying? You can never be too skinny or too rich? Well, you can never have long enough legs in my book and I wanted to create a thread where we can all share our skin tone and the nude shoe we have found that matches our skin tone. This thread might take a while to build but I have great hopes. Great leggy hopes.

So please share your foundation shade in the MAC color system or say something to the effect of warm/neutral/cool toned very fair/beige/medium/medium tan/tan/deep/ebony (etc.,) or whatever foundation shade you wear that more or less is the shade of your legs + the SHOE!
Brand and name/model or style number please :grin:

Extra karma for those who include mini reviews.
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hah, this is the funniest thread. I've read it a few times over, trying to figure out what exactly you're trying to say here. Legs and shoes and MAC foundation shades... ahhh, it gave me a good giggle.

I don't own any nude shoes, but a nice pair of heels are on my shopping list. I'm assuming what you're saying is that a proper nude heel can elongate the leg? Yeah?
Amazing thread idea! Karma for you @Jocondette!

@BeautifulWay, I think she's saying that a good pair of nude heals can give the appearance of significantly longer legs but it is often times hard to find a proper shade to give this illusion.

That being said, I have nothing to contribute because I'm an NC37 and the nudes I find are always to pale or too dark :oops:
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@BeautifulWay Oops! I probably should have clarified that the perfect "nude" heel would be the color of your legs and just make your legs look like that go on for miles. Thank you @Gemma for clarifying and thanks for the karma :oops:
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Sorry - I thought the way you wrote it was really cute and jumbled with excitement. It made me laugh, that's all.

I do agree with the nude heel to elongate legs - very chic too ;)
I wish I could help, but I am so pale, I've yet to find a nude that works for me. :(

Haha, I have this same issue...and found that a pair of "off white" or "ivory" sandals matched...perfectly, lol.
Haha, I have this same issue...and found that a pair of "off white" or "ivory" sandals matched...perfectly, lol.

The plight of the pale! I always wished for more of a true ivory skin - I think the porcelain girls look great, whether they are goth or Nordic.
I am also one of the pale people who cannot find a true nude in my skin tone. All of MAC's foundations are too dark for me too. I use a Bobbi Brown one that works though.
The nude pump can look very chic but also can look very trashy - I unfortunately associate it more with chunky, fake-tanned drunk girls walking around Melbourne at 11pm on a saturday night holding their shoes and eating McDonalds. Those bitches love the nude heel (but of course they wear nude heels that are nowhere near close to their orange skin tone).