- rude dude runs gossip site glorifying SG's




This guy hates on Christina Hendricks and her mammoth jugs and constantly praises skinny brunettes with tight stomachs. The best and wittiest gossip site I've encountered! Seriously inspiring, and he is the WORST when it comes to takedowns.
Had a look - I like the appreciation for skinny girls, but I'm not really into celebrities who aren't models or musicians (and the musicians i like aren't going to be on gossip sites), so I had to wade through a lot of stuff I didn't like to find models.
Best and wittiest gossip site? I think we already have an answer to that specific category ;)

I do like this other site, but I generally don't have a big attention span for non-weight-related celebrity gossip :oops:
Oh my god, the post about demi lovato and britney spears on x factor! I almost died laughing!!!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

This is a great site!