I was at a Chanel press event and...

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...I have found my dream living room.


Best thing was, the space used to be a hotel ballroom, but they transformed it into a gorgeous all-white "mansion" complete with corridors and hallways. I didn't take any other pictures because was busy with work stuff but this was the waiting room that led to the presentation room.

This was in Taipei by the way, for a new Chanel skincare launch (you guys will find out soon enough what they're launching ;)).
It's beautiful, so white, clean and classy. And you're so lucky to go to Taipei, your job must be amazing :)

Sometimes it's amazing, most of the time it's hard work and long hours and getting yelled at by my editor who is the Asian equivalent to the Devil wears Prada. :nervous:
Oh Wow! That is the perfect living room!

And I'm super exited for the new skincare launch :grin: I've only tried 2 of their skincare products, but I love them both. My room-mates are banned from touching them lol.