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Discussion in 'Clothes' started by Coffee_Girl, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Coffee_Girl

    Coffee_Girl Rookie

    Jan 23, 2012
    Recently I decided to buy a suspender belt.
    The shop I wanted to buy from offers belts from size S up, where the sizing goes as follows:
    XS 57-65 waist 82-90 hips
    S 62-70 87-95

    You can have size XS on demand.
    I have around 59-60cm waist (depending on a day), 85-86cm hips so I decided to order XS.

    They wrote me back in a day, saying that they believe that size S is small enough for a slim woman and it fits the ladies with 85-92 cm hips and 64-70 cm. waist. However, if my measurements are smaller they will be happy to make the smaller belt for me.

    I sent them my measurements and they responded that the S should fit me.

    What the hell?:mad:

    They wrote that it should be perfect on the hips and not loose on my waist.

    Can anyone decipher that for me, please??

    Do they
    a) think that I claim to be smaller that I am or too dumb to take my measurements properly?
    b) have some weird problems with making the smaller belt ( even thought I have to pay more for it )
    c) fucked up the measurement on their site and S will actually fit me
    d) happen to be morons who think they know better what's best for me
    e) actually know better
  2. Silent Night

    Silent Night Grand Dame

    Feb 8, 2012
    Most underwear is stretchy and as it covers only a small part of the body, many items will fit a large range of sizes. Probably you could wear XS, S or M and they would all be ok, just a bit tighter or looser. The retailer most likely doesn't want to go to extra effort for one person and are trying to put you off, but if that's the one you want, they have advertised it and you've paid for it, you should get it.
  3. 123pullout

    123pullout Guest

    You're reading way too much in to this, don't take it so personally. Silent Night is right though :)
  4. Coffee_Girl

    Coffee_Girl Rookie

    Jan 23, 2012
    Thanks. I hate buying things that I can't try first ;-)

    Haha, you're probably right.
    And I even know why :)
    I have an unusual bra size (28F) and I heard "but 32D will be perfect for you" too many times, so I'm probably overreating when I suspect that sb is questioning my measuring abilities. Yes, definitely overreacting.

    You have the cutest avatar :)
  5. 123pullout

    123pullout Guest

    28 F!? Holy crap I'm jealous. And if you only gain on your boobs I actually hate you haha
  6. Coquette

    Coquette Guest

    When I read this I immediately assumed it was a), they think you're claiming to be smaller than you are. :p
  7. shannon5

    shannon5 Guest

    For a suspender belt, you should definitely insist on getting an XS if you intend on wearing it around the smallest part of your waist. However, a lot of girls like to wear them more relaxed, like closer to the hips, so a bigger size is better.

    It also depends on the brand. The more expensive the brand, the more likely they will use stiffer material. I just got an Agent Provocateur suspender belt (Waspie) in size small and OMG it was so tight on me!! Whereas all of my Victorias secret smalls basically fall off of me.

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