I can't even..

I´ve seen it too, commented and got the whole fat girls shitstorm for my comment :lol:
Really, dafuq is wrong nowadays.
It really calms me that most of the comments show (in grammar, punctuation, choice of words) what kind of people sit behind their screens.
I don't even remember how i found this. I have too much freetime. :lol:

I meant the maker of this video, lol.
Though, now that I think about it, I should have said "someone was *stoned*".

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I cant even be offended it was so hysterical! We have to learn to laugh at these outrageous websites and links and such otherwise we will walk around ready to piunce on the first person to confront us.
c'mon am I really the only one who thought it was hysterical?
I thought this was hilarious :lol: Its andy milonakis, he sings about beef stew and had a show for like a month on mtv, you can't take him seriously. He is also obese. Plus some of it was super funny like the little puppies part or using cups. Unless you eat snakes, don't be offended by this.