How to dress with panache

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Feb 8, 2012
How do you dress to minimise your problem areas and make the best of what you've got? Describe your body type and tell us what you wear that makes you look hot. Share your tips, ladies!
I have a bulky stomach but relatively skinny legs, so I love wearing super thight skinny jeans and a top that is more loose. (In my opinion) it pretty much hides my problem area - as long as I'm not wearing a bikini:)
I have those annoying "saddlebags" on my hips. When I´m at an Ok weight, they´re not too big though, but they´re still there and make me look flabby and untoned.
On the other hand, I have really long and skinny legs and a nice thin waist.
I choose to wear jeans that are not too low-cut, they hide my problem areas and accentuate my legs.
I have thick thighs so I often wear long shirts,baggy jumpers or tops with detail that distract and minimise my thighs. I like to show off my collarbones as they are kind of prominent.
I have a skinny top and icky legs. I usually wear black skinny jeans, leggings, or tights if I have a skirt on and some sort of baggy top or another, so I don't look disproportionate. Seems counter-intuitive to cover up my smaller part, but it looks okay in the end :)
I have skinny legs but they get fat up the top, but I also have a very small waist. I love wearing skirts that are really fitted at the waist, that then flare out. They make my waist look great and give the illusion that my legs are skinny all the way up!
I am pretty much pare shape, I should wear tight tops with skirts or wide shorts, however I feel most secure in tight jeans and a baggy sweater/ men's shirt, since it hides hips and shows off my thin face and neck.

Lol, I read most girls with simmilar shapes do the same. :grin:
I'm a broad, short hourglass - so bust and hips are quite wide compared to my (embarassingly mini) height. I have super-skinny ankles and wrists which even freak me out a little bit sometimes, and I don't like to show them in certain situations because people kind of grimace. My feet are so wide, like basically a deep triangle (my humiliation as a child was that I needed specially made shoes for my 'special' feet), but still in child sizes (UK 3 :oops:) and it looks totally bizarre to have these very wide stump-feet and then a tiny bony leg on top... But, my thighs are chunky, to put it kindly. My neck, face and back are bony as hell but in front I look quite normal.

I like to wear calf-length trousers to disguise my 'womanly' thighs and show my more slender calves with some long patterned socks. (Short trousers have the advantage that they don't go past my feet like full-length ones, and I hope that having my leg divided in two like that gives an illusion of extra length.) 'Practical' shoes only for feet like mine. I like Joseph Seibel clogs. I go for long-sleeved V-necks to accentuate my bust and collar/neck-bones and cover up my skinny forearms. I pile my hair up on top of my head to pretend I'm of normal height. I love wrap/shawl-type garments that you can drape around you because I like to use the different textures and densities of fabric, and the hang of the fabric, to make my outfit. Not big on colour. I always wear black, occasionally with grey.

Great replies so far! Keep the ideas coming!
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I have have an athletic built (v shape) so broad shoulders and thicker arms but narrow hips and legs in comparison. I tend to wear loose fitting tops to take focus away from my arms. Plus I have a short torso and long legs so I stay away from crop tops to avoid looking like a "daddy long legs spider" lol.
I love wide-legged dress pants and casual cargo pants and think they take notice away from my thighs. I'm not a fan of baby doll shirts and prefer a more fitted look up top. I wear my hair in simple up-dos frequently (french twist or buns) because I think it elongates my neck and makes my shoulders look a little more delicate.
Emmanuelle Alt's style is basically my style...or vice versa! (ok, she's older, I'll give it to her!) But I actually wear make up daily, and my hair is either wild loose or pulled up into a bun at times.

I like the colors black and grey. Usually I'm in suit jackets, white blouses, skinny pants/jeans, and boot/booties. Maybe a scarf here or there for a pop of color and protect my décollage while walking. I usually don't show much skin (in fact I think I am usually covered from neck to toe, so I make up for it in the level of tightness of my pants: fitted, tight, and good lord!