How to dress like a model



Hey! I love model style it is so elegant and stunning and I know alot of you girls on here are fans of the look too. So I suggest we swap tips here on how to style ourselves like models! We can post pictures of our inspiration,share model beauty tips and model like hairstyles. Alot of girls on here are models too so they can share their tips if they don't mind :grin:
Also we can discuss what the basics of model style are. Like what are the must haves. Skinny jeans? Leather jacket? Blazer?
Hope you ladies like the idea and share your secrets ;)
For must haves I would recommend plain basic vest tops (must have in black and white). Plain white shirt, plain colour tees especially in black and white. Skinny jeans, black jeans, boots, heels, flats, blazers, trench coat, a good handbag, and a good winter coat. However, there isn't really a model must have list from my observations but maybe there is, I don't know. From the off-duty model looks I've noticed that they all have their own style, some with biker boots, some with leather jackets and some dressed bohemian or girlie. So I would add your own touch to the basic items and work around them. Also, another thing I noticed was that the clothes tend to be plain and simple without all the frills or they're not too elaborate with designs.
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Quality over quantity! And longlasting basics that you can wear with anything. Really well-cut jeans with a soft, flattering vest shirt looks completely different from cheap jeggings and a vest from Bluenotes.
I noticed that many wear skinny jeans!
Frida Gustavsson

Kate Moss

Karlie Kloss

Freja Beha

Miranda Kerr

Chanel Iman

Vlada Roslyakova

Hmm... Probably to show off skinny legs? :)
From my observations : Skinny jeans, white, good quality tshirt and casual blazer. Neutral colours.
A good quality, well cut blazer anx AMAZING shoes and boots!!
Skinny jeans (black or dark denim) combined with high heels!
(Like the Vlada picture above)... it looks so stunning on long, thin legs.
shirts. or button ups/loose tops. you need to be able to get your top off without ruining hair and makeup ;)