House of Cards



Hi everyone

I just wanted to share with you this amazing series. The house of cards is amazing, kevin spacey is in it. If you have netflix you can see all the season. I loved it.

Has anyone else seen it?
No other replies??
My husband and I loved this series! I thought Kevin Spacey was amazing in this, sooooo manipulative. It got a little dirty but I guess that makes it more realistic.
If you like stories about someone weaving a web of deception I so recommend this one. If you have Netflix go watch it! I hope the next season comes out soon!
Oh I recently watched the first episode, like two days ago and thanks to me having too much free time I'm now almost at the finale of season one. I'm hooked.
AMAZING! Over the summer my boyfriend and I were obsessed! It's so well done and I actually gasped at some parts. Plus hello, #powercouple!
This show is amazing. It also doesn't try and sugar coat one party and shows things like they really are. Does anyone know when Netflix comes out with the next series?
anyone noticed that claire (robin wright) played jenny in forrest gump?
totally surprised me, even though i watched the show so often, just as forrest gump. :D
She played Buttercup from The Princess Bride too! She's definitely got a good range.