Healthy Choice Commercial


Rising Star
Jan 16, 2012
I saw this on television today and had to share it with you girls, what ever your personal beliefs are on dieting, I thought it was just plain funny. The whole thing just killed me :grin:

"For years I thought I hated children's laughter...I had no idea I was just hungry."

haha that was indeed funny, and pretty original as well (at least for me!)
This came on television again and my brother was with me, I told him it was my new favorite commercial and when the actress says her line about hating children's laughter he burst out laughing. I know its not that funny...but it really. really. is.
So funny. That straight-faced sarcastic humor is just my style!
That is really funny and so me when I'm on a real diet. Seriously, I don't eat a ton anymore but when I'm super hungry I do get super grumpy haha.
And I always thought I would be hungry.. I know better now: I just hate children's laughter!
Nope, I tried one of thier dishes. Turns out, I really do hate childrens' laughter.
It really isn't that funny, but yet, somehow, I am still giggling :lol::lol::lol:
LOL, awesome commercial.

By the way, have you seen those comments? ''YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT CARBS!!!'' Have you ever heard of someone who died because of a carb-deficit? noooo.