HBO - About Face: Supermodels Then & Now



If you have HBO, you have to see this documentary. It's not about fashion, but about the lives, maturation process, and reflections on the industry from the perspective of various models who are now anywhere from 40 to however old Eileen Ford is (90-ish?).

They talk about the status of modeling as a job during the 1940s and 50s, of racism, sexual harassment and drugs in the fashion industry, about plastic surgery, about continuing to work now as older models, or about getting out of the industry and their lives today. They recount some of the great and horrible things they saw, and the people who influenced them to become the people they are today.

It was beautiful to see these women - some who've not changed so much, some who have - and to hear their life perspectives that they gained through their experiences. They have a lot of words of wisdom, not specifically for aspiring models, but for women in general and about self-confidence and discovering who you are.

Jerry Hall is hilarious, Isabella Rossellini kooky as usual but very grounded, and Pat Cleveland brought tears to my eyes twice. Eileen Ford also made me giggle trying to describe the drug use she saw in her day "These bands we'd go out to see, they all had reefers, and they'd take a tote on them... toke? tote? I think that's what they call it."

Highly recommended.
Thanks for the recommendation!

I'm definitely watching this. I love fashion industry documentaries. :flower: