Harleth Kuusik


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Sep 1, 2013
Surprised to see she doesn't have a thread..
At Versace Spring 16

Society NY: HEIGHT 5'10" -BUST 30" -WAIST 23" -HIPS 33.5"

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ah, my beloved sour-faced Harleth...not. She's one of the biggest mysteries in the history of modelling to me, why people keep booking her (or have booked her in the first place) is beyond me.
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ah, my beloved sour-faced Harleth...not.


I hope she got booked because - Achtung! - she is SKINNY ...I would welcome it especially in times where fatties and other celebrities models running the catwalks of the world.
Haha I've considered making her a thread numerous times on account of her incredible body, but I find her face so plain jane that I've held off.
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Don't stand next to Sasha when you're only here for being tall/thin.
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When people talk about the arrogant, bitchy face models have on the runway, I always think of her. :eyeroll: She's kinda ugly from some angles (and there's probably a reason she never smiles...) but I love her pale skin and white hair, I would wear dark lipstick all the time if I were her. Sadly, her instagram tells me she isn't very into being chic. more laid back, which doesn't suit her so much.

I love the stretching video on AELs Instagram, where Sonny V. jumps in and mocks her right in front. :D

Harleth has really grown on me. These day I prefer the 'unpretty' very skinny ones over the boring slim pretty models.
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Harleth at Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture by Hedi Slimane
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I feel like she's the Michael Cera of modelling... like one day she wandered onto a set with donuts and someone was like, this tall skinny girl must be the model and from that day on...she was
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Another from Saint Laurent - I've always loved her body. But this season they changed her hair color and I HATE it. It looks back to normal at YSL though.

OT - the bodies at saint laurent were all so amazing :bow:
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I have to admit Harleth is really growing on me. Okay, she may not have the face of Sasha P, but these days with so many average-bodied/nepotism models on the runway it's nice to have a distinctive face whose body always looks fantastic and shows off the clothes well.
Had she been born 5 or 10 years earlier, I probably wouldn't like her as much. But the fact is that she is working now - and doing very well, at that - and I'm happy for her. After all, every job booked by Harleth is one not booked by Gigi Hadid.
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She also seems like a really cool person - I love her and Molly's friendship, they seem like they're always having so much fun
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+1 on all recent posts, she isn't the prettiest but probably the coolest and for sure the skinniest out there. :nod:

Her arms remind me of the glorious old times.
This season she's almost in every fashion show.
I've seen her in Milan 10 days ago.. She is more beautiful than I thought.. Tall and skinny. And I'm beginning to love her face too..She's growing on me every day more.

(Sorry for the bad quality pic)
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