Hannah Elyse Burke


Apr 4, 2018
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She looked amazing at Moschino Menswear :ijizzed:

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I much prefer her face without the bangs. So many "edgy" Insta models have the exact same bangs - they've just ruined those short bangs for me. Plus, I think her face stands out more without them, especially with those eyebrows! What does everyone else think?
Jan 31, 2018
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I am obsessed with her arms. They're so toned/muscular but still so skinny. I wonder if she works them or if it is mostly just genetics + low bf.
I have arms like that, just with a bit more fat on them and I think actually a bit more muscle. Basic day-to-day living is all it takes me both to obtain and maintain - i.e. laziness means I hate taking multiple trips so I carry all my groceries in from the car at once, that kind of thing (which I guess is technically weightlifting). Grocery shopping with a basket, not a cart, and realizing halfway through shopping that I should have taken a cart because this is crazy heavy but oh well, too late now. Constantly holding a fatass heavy cat who adores being snuggled while I'm standing. Doing home improvement stuff myself, using heavy heavy All-Clad cookware, rarely if ever accepting anyone's help to carry heavy things for me. Haven't done arm workouts in literally years. Wish the muscle would shrink more, to be honest. The fit look is really not my thing.

I feel like every fitness trainer would bitchslap me for giving advice that boils down to "don't use shopping carts and open all your jars yourself", but, uh...well, if it works it works.