Hanalei Reponty


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Mar 18, 2016
She is a model signed with IMG worldwide and a swimwear designer. Although she sometimes looks quite old by face, there`s something I like about her.
Is it modelling when it's your own swim wear line?

But seriously, she probably belongs in the online section over the model section.
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Not my cup of tea but she has nice abs. IMG is literally signing everyone with an Instagram following.....
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I'd agree that she's more fitspo than thinspo as well. And something about her face just doesn't look very young or fresh to me, but some of her pictures are nice
I read somewhere that she is realllll short, and you can sorta tell if you look at photos of her next to other models.
How old is she? Even in her 2010 photos she looks quite aged ...
Someone on TFS had mentioned she was nowhere near 5'8.
I feel like all these pics could be from a Hawaiian Tropics ad....from a decade + ago.....see what I mean

So, not exactly a particularly new and unique look.
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She's got a really good body, its just less of the 'emaciated' look and more toned.
Her body - okay, I'll admit: it's good. But her style and face...?
She's too much of a typical surfer girl but I think that's the kind of audience she serves for anyway. No high fashion wannabe, thank god. She seems to know her place