Worker Bee
Jan 22, 2012
Gurls, please help! I need a pair of new gloves. And everything is too big! Has anyone experienced that and found a shop where they have REALLY small sizes?
Last year I got a pair of warm (!), quite long leather gloves from Mohito. They have polar fleece (or sth similar) on the inside so they are warm and as comfortable as leather gloves can be. They were pretty expensive (around 90 PLN) but they are worth the price.

I haven't been looking for gloves recently and I have no idea what Mohito offers this season, though.
Coach has leather gloves that come in actual sizes. I have very small hands and I wear a 6.5 in their store, which is the smallest they go, I think. They are a bit pricey but well worth it! Very warm and last a long time.
Neiman Marcus leather gloves - they are very small. They may be hard to find now however, they usually sell out by January.
I have some vintage dark brown leather long gloves that used to belong to my grandmother - she had tiny little hands. I have giant man-hands.
Seriously, I'd feel better giving them to a loving home than to a thrift store, or letting them go to waste in my drawers.
They feel amazing and look lovely, but I can't do anything in them :(

If you'd like them (and you promise to wear and take good care of them!), PM me where to send them :D