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Hi VIPs, I need some advice and since I'm not a VIP I have to tag you all here. I need to get in touch with a particularly famous model for a story that I'm doing, mainly to get her written permission to use some of her images from her Instagram account (for publication purposes), and the only way I can think of is through her agency.

I just want to know if that's the right way to go about it. I don't mind if I can't get in touch with the model directly, as long as the agency is willing to be a go-between and release the pictures on her behalf. I just wonder if the agency will even bother about something trivial like Instagram. My publication isn't international but it's #1 in my country with a sizeable readership, so I's not like for my personal blog or something.

My publishing house has very strict intellectual property policies; no permission, no print - and I really want those pictures because they will be fantastic to illustrate my story!

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Definitely via agency - anything to do with the model's image they will be concerned with; they likely won't deem it trivial either.

Find out the most relevant booker to speak to and GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. ALL IMAGE PERMISSION FROM AGENCY, MODEL (INCLUDING PARENTS IF UNDERAGE), EVERYONE. If it's not in writing, it didn't happen!

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the advice!

Not saying which model though :whistling:

I just contacted her agent, fingers crossed now!