Gal Gadot (actress/model)

It makes me mad that its socially acceptable to make skinny women gain, but its not socially acceptable to make thick girls lose.
Recent images from her instagram


Aandd heres gal in 2011

Don't get me wrong-I love love love skinny Gal (her arms!!! In Fast and Furious 4!!! :luv:), but her weight gain doesn't make me think negatively of her because it was for a role and if anything, she's gained a ton of muscle. And damn she was badass in Wonder Woman :D

A little bit of nostalgia, perhaps?


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i always thought she was very thin for someone who used to be in the IDF. i come from a very jewish community and the girls i knew who joined always remained more muscular even after they came back.

i also don't love that she was in the IDF, but that's another matter.

edit: i know that service is mandatory for israeli citizens, so she didn't have much of a choice. nonetheless, her rhetoric goes against my values as a non-zionist jew.
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