funniest movie ever ;)



Since we all shared our favourite saddest movie I think it's time to share the ones where we laughed the most.

My favrourite ones are
- Ruby & Quentin
- Crazy, Stupid Love
- The Big Lebowski
- Burn After Reading
- Der Wixxer (german)

(maybe I forgot a few...) What are yours?
I am not really a fan of comedy movies but I watched Due Date yesterday and I liked it a lot (I love RDJ :luv:)
I also liked 21 Jump Street :grin:
I've always loved Mean Girls, partly because it's a great film and partly because me and my university friends all know it off by heart and quote it all. the. time!

It's more of a black comedy, and very British, but Keeping Mum is one of my favourites (I'll watch anything with Rowan Atkinson in! I'm addicted to Blackadder :grin:)

Also, the Incredibles. NO CAPES! Edna Mode should have an appreciation thread somewhere on SGF, if she doesn't already :luv:
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The Incredibles is awesome! I just watched it last night haha..

I like the movie Clifford. Not the big red dog, it's an 80's movie starring Martin Short as a 10 year old.. I'm pretty sure it takes the right hour of night, funny people to watch it with, and a specific sense of humor to appreciate it though. it's pretty stupid :lol: