Friendly reminder: model stats

The Bullcock

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Jan 9, 2012
Hi lovelies,

Friendly reminder of the rules about posting model stats, quoted here for your convenience:

There are wayy too many inaccurate stats going around and it's pretty hard to sort out truth from fiction, especially since there are lots of idiots out there on the web just guessing.

As much as I hate rules, I don't want this site to be a source of bad info - because of the nature of this site, accurate stats are pretty important... and especially because a lot of models and bookers are on the site and they are EXTREMELY sensitive about this. :nervous:

Rules for including model stats on model / thinspo threads:
  • If SkinnyGossip has recently posted stats for her on the main site, you must use these stats. They are the most accurate available. SO CHECK.
  • If - and only if - SkinnyGossip has not posted them, you must use the stats published by her agency. If she has several agencies - as most established models do - use the stats from her mother agency (this is the agency in her home city/country.)
  • If neither of these are available, you may guess. But clearly state that you are guessing!

It's popular to say agencies lie about their models' stats, when this is really not true with reputable agencies. Think about it: if an agency says a girl has certain stats and a client books her for a job and the stats aren't right, they're going to be losing money and reputation fast. Shitty agencies might lie - but real, top agencies are very strict about this.

And if you think the posted stats are wrong or have changed, say so! It's always open for discussion. That's part of the fun!! :)

But this rule is needed because people are posting stats (as if they are facts) from random sites on the web who have no idea.... and that sorta makes it seem like SkinnyGossip is claiming that those are her stats as of that date. I'm getting complaints from models, bookers, etc. and this is their livelihood and I want to be fair to everyone.

For now, this only applies to models. Celebrities (actresses, socialites, reality show sluts, etc.) I guess it's still open season because they don't really have to publish them or stick to them and it doesn't directly affect their career the same way.

Also, if you start a thread on a model, please put her stats in the first post if you have them handy.

Thanks! :flower: