Frieda Rose on flickr/tumblr



i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but she's not a model or celeb or something, just some kind of blogger - and i didn't want to put it in the takedowns...

Frida popped up all over the web a few years ago, she's really skinny and just ridiculously pretty, but i'm still not sure about her - tons of photoshop?
(or just someone who screamed 'here' when god gave faces and bodyparts to his sheeps down there :) :confused:)

here's a link to her flickr


what's your opinion?
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I don't think she's ridiculously pretty. She looks nice in some photos but just majorly made up


She looks much better without all the overdone eye make up

She looks so plastic here she could pass off as someone who's got at least a couple plastic surgeries done
Though she looks nice & thin in some pictures
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yeah. when i said 'ridiculously' i meant that in a 'wow but somehow creepy'-way (my english :nopity:)

i like the pics that show her in a more undone kind of look, some of them are just too much...

but bodywise: nice and skinny, not actually bony though
Does she have no self-confidence at all unless she's wearing 7 layers of makeup??

It's sad - she could do a lot better but instead she looks trashy in most pics..
I really like her as a thinspiration because her body frame is very very similar to mine, except she's skinnier. It's a good way to get an idea...


I don't think she's photoshoppoholic & she doesn't put make up all time. Her face is just pretty. I've seen her in real life before.