Four Weddings



Since I am sick and home for the week I am a TV-junkie and just discovered this TV show from the UK. Basically it's about four brides that attend and judge one another's weddings. The one winner wins a honeymoon!
I really love it because I want to get married too and I can get some ideas. And it's pretty funny when the brides are all bitching around :)

I noticed that almost every episode there is only one skinny woman and the rest are quite chubby or even fat. What's worse is that the fat brides wear dresses that really don't suit their bodies, it's just gross sometimes. Also their teeth? I don't mean to be rude, but why do they all have to bad teeth? Is going to the denist so expensive in the UK, isn't it covered by health insurance? I don't understand...

Here are some pictures


They have that show here as well. Actually in Canada they air the USA and CDN versions.
I like the USA version better, the CDN one seems cheap and the commentator is so annoying and tells lame jokes.
And of course I like when they have skinny brides as opposed to bigger ones.