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Discussion in 'Online' started by AmorFlaco, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. AmorFlaco

    AmorFlaco Guest

    Amazing blog. This woman lost 150 pounds 14 years ago and has kept it off. her posts also get on my conscious. The stuff she posts about I agree with, like she had this one example of how she and her daughters went to a yogurt place and almost got tricked into getting too big of a portion. She is really patoinate about a healthy lifestyle. She made me cringe at how I went out of control today with my eating...

    So, check it out?
  2. leila

    leila Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    Thats pretty awesome, props to her. We all hear the statistics about how weight loss only lasts for 5 years on average, so considering that and also that she has 7 kids (!) I'd say its pretty inspiring.
  3. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    Thanks for sharing, I like her articles and her tone is not snotty or "I lost a ton of weight and know everything" she seems to still be learning and has a lot of information. Great site!

    P.S. that is SO true about yogurt places. "smalls" are huge these days.
  4. theannase

    theannase Guest

    Ooh, thanks for sharing. Man shes got willpower!

    Her daughters are also both very pretty and one of them is quite thin :)
  5. Aletheia

    Aletheia Guest

    The blog's amazing, thanks for sharing. People who have maintained their weight loss for longer time are the biggest inspirations.

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