Fiona Apple



I don't think there's been a post on her before, but there really should be because she's amazing :luv:
She was really skinny when she started out, apparently she suffered from an eating disorder when she was a teenager. In a weird way I think the emaciated look really suits her. She was still lovely when she gained weight, but she lost that waiflike / nymphette look that i think is so beautiful.
I'm also just biased towards her because I absolutely love her voice.






ALSO she's just such a badass!
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I was juuust watching the criminal music video and was thinking about how damn skinny she is! Love the song and she's gorgeous :grin:
Its scary... she looks dramatically older then her age. Time really took its toll.


I love her and have always used her old pictures/videos as inspiration. those pictures are from last week and it is painful to see. I love her as an artist and have for at least 6 years and to see her like that is awful, I want her to be OK. she was jailed last week because they found hash and cannabis in her tour bus (and she admitted it was hers AT THAT MOMENT -take note Lindsay next time you want to blame your illegal actions on your assistants ), but I fear there is so much more to that, she was always a little crazy, which I love about her, but I just hope she is not hurting herself.
She's had disordered eating, if not a full-blown ED, for a very long least a decade...that does tend to take a toll on your looks. Especially your face.
This is sad, I have 3 of her albums and I had no idea she had aged so much? Does anorexia do this, cos I was sure after the first album she looked a lot healthier? I didn't realise she was ill again? :(
She said in one recent concert that is under so much stress, but deny she has an eating disorder now... I really love her music and I'm worried :/ I don't know if I can belive her words, maybe she's eating less because stress, and that's so dangerous too. But maybe is into anorexia again...
I think she used to be gorgeous, and she has such an amazing voice! These pics really scared me, I thought she still was as beautiful as in the video Criminal :(
She really is a thinspo for me, and her song Paperbag, is amazing when I'm fasting!