fat people protest VS

I still have trouble understanding why these people can't shop at their plus-size only shops. It's not uncommon for each store to cater to a certain range of sizes, especially for women. Oh well, it's not like VS is that great of a lingerie store, I only go there for their free panties. I much prefer Agent Provocateur. :sneaky:
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"I pledge to love my body." I guess blaming stores for your poor body image and protesting them for not making sizes for your massive frame is easier than actually loving yourself and taking care of your body isn't it? :mclap:
WTF Loving your body isn't a get out of jail free card to abuse it to the point of obesity and then drive up everyone's health insurance rates to cover your diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc. etc. etc. Besides VS is MARKETING their grossly overpriced and uncomfortable bras, not trying to SCARE people from their stores with squishy air-brushed brick women in their already annoying ads.

FAT people who protest need to use all that free time they must have to exercise and learn how to and get cracking at eating a balanced meal and then get down to at least a normal BMI! Then they wouldn't need to protest and could actually FIT into the 'normal' (but still quite generously sized 'modern women' clothing) and realize there really is a skinny or SKINNIER girl underneath their layers of blubber

Lastly, isn't there already a SH*T TON of plus sized lingerie & shops that cater to this market?! Every time I go to various stores I see bras that my ass could fit into. Is the point to give the cows lingerie or to pat them on the back for lacking self control.....these protesters seriously need to put their energy elsewhere.....no really, start with aqua-aerobics, and then work up to a marathon or something...

And in closing, I think these protesters are secret exhibitionists. If they do this at the beach they just look like huge sea monsters, but add a city street & some signs and now they have a 'cause'. Pleaseeeeee:disgusted: Love your body in private, prove it by eating with some restraint, and please get arrested for public indecency ASAP.
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This pisses me off.

Its time that people understand that models look the way they do in order to sell clothes. It's all fine and dandy that these women love their bodies. The thing is, Victoria's Secret is a brand. And as anyone who has ever been exposed to advertising of any kind, it is meant to actually help make people buy the product.

Victoria's Secret models have long legs and an hourglass figure because its what suits the underwear best. The brand is all about big breasts (or faking them ;) ) while maintaining a slim figure that photographs well and looks appealing to men and women. The models are SUPPOSED to look sexy. That is how they sell lingerie...

Personally I would never buy underwear modeled on a rounder woman. While that may seem harsh, it just wouldn't sell it for me. As a smaller woman with very small boobs, it is hard for me to visualize myself in something that is obviously made for someone much larger. That said, I find it much easier to identify with the standard models than I would with a "real" :rolleyes: woman.
The comments though, seems like fellow skinnies are already there! and a few from some guys ;) :lol:

What a nauseating display of ignorance by these protesters. Not to mention the implied insult" That Victoria's Secret models are not "real." Who says they are not real? A group of out-of-shape, slightly overweight, lazy crybabies? I don't think anyone at Victoria's Secret is saying that average-looking people are not "real." So it's definitely insulting when you imply that the Victoria's Secret models are not "real." That's nice that you love yourselves, ladies, but why are you venting your spleens at the Victoria's Secret models, whose only sin, apparently, is that they happen to be in shape, height-weight proportionate, and nice-looking?

These ugly ladies have too much time on their hands. Maybe they should go go to the gym, instead of protesting in front of a business. In a free market society, Victoria's Secret can sell whatever they want.

Gross. Cellulite doesn't sell underwear. But I bet you could sell plenty of cheeseburgers with it.

So, wait. Taylor Swift isn't real? Adriana Lima isn't real? Sasha Grey isn't real?
That bizarre. I was convinced that they were real people. Are they holograms? Are they androids? Are they figments of people's imagination, somehow the result of some mass hallucination?!
When I read Sasha Grey's book, whose book was I reading? This is quite disturbing.
Heck, how does the not-real barista who's super-hot and quite slim give me my hazelnut latte every day if she's not actually there?
Now I feel like I'm in a Philip K. Dick story.

men are sick of the fat acceptance as much as we are :lol:
For once the majority of comments on an article as pointless as this one made me smile....i think everyone else is starting to catch on (a bit at least)
Ha. It seems that most people in this country are too lazy to even attempt to be healthy and/or thin and that's they want people to cater to their fat pride and have random protests like this :rolleyes:
They say they want people of all shapes and sizes, but if all the models were overweight they wouldn't be holding protests in favor of skinnier models...
Seriously, don't they have anything better to do?!
Why are they trying to make something out of nothing? Even at my fattest (I was obese) I could fit into clothes/panties/bras from VS. Go somewhere else! It is as plain and simple as that. I get that fatties need clothes/bras/panties too but there are plenty of places that make them. Honestly, VS's stuff run huge-it's not the stores fault that you can't fit into them.
Oh, and their models are not that skinny. They have healthy, toned looking bodies, something that these women could accomplish if they went to the gym and ate some veggies every once in a while (pizza doesn't count). I also like the whole "I'm a real woman with rolls" thing. I always thought that real women had vaginas (or those who consider themselves to be women but were born men). Now there are people who really have problems and many other things that should be protested. They need to grow up and quit thinking the world revolves around them and their rolls and rolls of fat.
This is something that should be on SNL or another comedy skit show, not something that should actually be happening and be held up as a good thing.

Yeah, love your body by eating shit and treating it poorly. That's a great idea. Of course the fact that 1/3 of this country is obese, the average American woman is 5'4" and over 160lbs, and that millions of people in this country are suffering from diseases related to being TOO FAT doesn't matter. The real problem is these VS models that apparently aren't "real" and force everyone to develop eating disorders by existing. (Btw, since when are Barbara Palvin and Kate Upton too skinny? VS models tend to be bigger than regular runway models, right?)
First of all:



Since when is it clothing brands responsibility to "include all body types"? I am pretty sure they choose the type of models that will sell most clothes. And well, apparently thin sells, fat does not.

Oh and maybe all stores should use models with extreme acne, facial hair or yellow teeth, just so that everyone can feel included and love themselves:rolleyes:
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Clearly these women don't love their bodies which is why they have to put someone else down. I mean, why can't they organize a 'Love your body' campaign without complaining about a company or group of people? It's like they are blaming VS, or the media, etc. They will never become healthy and thin if they don't take responsibility for their own eating habits and start loving themselves enough to focus on themselves instead of protesting something ridiculous.

/off soapbox
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Apart from obviously assaulting our eyes by protesting there, there is another thing I don't get - why even buy from VS?

I don't want to sound rude or insult anyone, but VS is bad quality, cheap looking stuff. Yes, their panties run huge - but their bras run tiny because of the stupid amount of padding in there. I have a naturally very large chest and I don't fit into VS. But there is no need to protest - larger chested ladies can find bras just as easily, in a lot higher quality, elsewhere.
Clearly these women don't love their bodies which is why they have to put someone else down. I mean, why can't they organize a 'Love your body' campaign without complaining about a company or group of people? It's like they are blaming VS, or the media, etc. They will never become healthy and thin if they don't take responsibility for their own eating habits and start loving themselves enough to focus on themselves instead of protesting something ridiculous.

/off soapbox

Exactly. They tell people to accept their bodies and body types by protesting and putting down a body type. My reaction = :run:. There is no reasoning with these people. They only hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and ignore everything else, including the truth.
Why do people only focus on the sizes of the models. I feel the lack of other ethnicities is a much larger problem. :headbang:


^ Really VS? Selita has amazing skin
... why would you feel the need to lighten it?

It seems like this is more about "love My body" than "love ALL bodies".
None of these women are black or Aisian ect. Therefore don't feel that this is a big problem.
But they are all fat :whistling:
Imagine what would happen if a skinny or fit lady came to that 'protest'?
I mean, no one normal would do that because we DON'T support obesity, but if it was about 'body acceptance' then why wouldn't there be skinny people?
We all shouldl be accepted!
Somewhere out there, Gisele is reading this and having a big laugh about it.



Not many people in their protest are there, its all already been said really,
they're clearly not happy otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to attack VS, they're not 'loving' their bodies by overeating and not exercising to let them get to that state.