fat acceptance is unacceptable



It's so refreshing when someone stands up and speaks the truth, the 'it's glandular' phrase never fails to make me smile. I'm not a naturally bitchy person, but there's a difference between thyroid disease and not being able to stop shoving twinkies down your flabby throat. So many people take the 'fat pride' perspective nowadays, and whenever anyone challenges this, it seems they're shot down in flames.There's alot wrong with modern 'culture' and this rant sums up pretty accurately how I feel about it.

Well I was gonna head over to the dining hall for some food... but I have lost my appetite! :superpuke:

Love this rant!

Well I was gonna head over to the dining hall for some food... but I have lost my appetite! :superpuke:

Love this rant!

Oh my god I am literally about to vomit. It looks like she's giving birth to her gut, oh god I can never unsee this
'Hold the f*cking mayonnaise, widebody.' :lol::lol::lol::lol: This has made me laugh so much. The funniest of all.. it's the truth.
Ugh, whiny fat people who can't accept that their fatness is their fault, and worst of all, feel the urge to tell every single human being in the planet are the worst. Can't they just go be fat without bothering everyone else? Isn't that a bit less hard than not eating McDonald's five times a day? :facepalm:

From what I can tell, a bunch of foodblisters got together and decided fitness and proper nutrition required too much effort so they started this movement where they could all feel good about being human livestock and bitch about getting charged extra for airline tickets.


That's going to my favorite quotes book.
My cousin is a larger, more curvaceous woman. As in curves. Plural. Big boobs, big hips, fairly flat stomach. She eats ~1800 cals of fruit and whole wheat food. She's done ballet for the last 13 years. She's not a flabby mound of refined grains and saturated fat. Pictures like that ^ make me so annoyed, I want to slap someone. :nopity::hmm:
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Check this BS out...
Stupid. :smash: If they put nearly as much effort into exercising and diet planning as they put into whining and making up a thousand creative excuses they'd be thin already. :nopity:

On another note I find it funny how the caption blames nature for being fat, yet the girl in the picture is about to eat some sort of pastry. :lol:

I get called "bones" at work all the time. And it is NOT because I'm that thin. It's because everyone else is so big. So much enabling...

:hmm: Whenever I see this quote I think 2 things:

1. You wouldn't want a steak with all fat either
2. Why are you comparing a woman's body to a piece of meat?