Fast Food Baby (documentary)

Discussion in 'Television' started by fatbarbie, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. fatbarbie

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  2. zer0fat

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    That's disgusting, they let their toddlers eat 3000+ calories every day? 5 take aways every week and then their dad drives them to mc donalds....
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  3. wannabethin

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    thats why fat parents have fat kids.
  4. fatbarbie

    fatbarbie Guest

    It surprised me that not all of the parents were fat and the kids were still at a normal weight. But then again toddlers move around a lot.
  5. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    This. You know what? Yes, there is absolutely a genetic component to obesity. I personally know several researchers who study weight gain/weight loss/obesity and I can't deny that. But even they will tell you that environment and the resultant food habits you pick up play a huge defining role in the eventual outcome. An organisms existence, in all aspects of life, is not just its genetic code: it's how environmental factors play on, influence and shape those genes.

    The thing that bothers me about the whole "oh, I'm fat because it's in my genes thing" is that it is a perfect example of biological determinism - that is, letting your genes dictate your destiny. If people are told that it's genetic they be fat, they'll think it's a forgone conclusion, when really, it's a genetic predisposition that they merely have to work harder to battle than someone else.

    Not to mention, for all the genes we've identified as being linked to obesity, not one, not a single one, has offered a magic bullet cure for obesity. That's because obesity is a much more complex condition than "I have a mutation in this gene here, therefore I am going to be fat".
  6. wannabethin

    wannabethin Guest

    oh I meant fat parents have fat kids because they pass on their eating habbits, not genes. But yeah its holistic
  7. Allie

    Allie Worker Bee

    Mar 18, 2012
    No, no! I know what you meant, and I completely agree with that view point. So many people look at fat kids and go "look that's so sad, they're fat because they have fat genes" but really it's because those fat children have grown up having zero concept of what normal caloric intake is, what appropriate portion sizes are and what proper nutrition means. Not to mention, they develop addictions to pop, fast food, salt, sugar, etc.

    I once read this article like 6 years ago or something about this obese girl, who in her late teens, decided to lose weight. So she took it upon herself to educate herself about food, because her parents never had. And she basically had to learn all about nutrition from scratch, because her parents did not teach her those things. So she stopped eating processed foods, switched to eating freshly made foods at home in reasonable portions, started eating fresh produce and eventually lost a bunch of weight. And then, she went back and basically to help her parents lose weight, taught them about proper nutrition and eating habits.

    I always think of that story as the perfect example of what you're saying.
  8. wannabethin

    wannabethin Guest

    oh I get what you were saying before! Yeah, wow that is such a sad story, that girl had to be the grownup and educate her parents! I personnally think when a parent doesnt provide their child with home cooked balanced meals its child abuse X-(
    I totally agree with you, people rely too much on the fat gene excuse. If people want to be fat thats their own fat fault but dont:
    1. Complain about it being fat when you stuff your face.
    2. Bitch about skinnies (you should be admiring them)
    3. Most importantly dont fuck up your childs health from the start and give them a lifetime of bad habbits!!!!
  9. kic

    kic Guest

    This makes me so sad. :(
    These kids are going to be teased their whole childhoods for something they don't understand how to control.
  10. Katrine

    Katrine Worker Bee

    Jan 23, 2012
    Just watching the first 50 sec. of it made me so sad, especially the baby drinking cola. Obesity is bad enough, but when the teeth decay there's no going back :(
  11. Olivia

    Olivia Guest

    How could they do this to there kids its disgusting! They can harm themselves but they cant do this to there kids as they have no sense of which foods are good and bad so they cant make the right choice!
    I hate parents like this if you cant be bothered to look after your children properly than you shouldnt be allowed to have them at all! :mad:
  12. Silent Night

    Silent Night Grand Dame

    Feb 8, 2012
    This stuff makes me so angry. It's the health issue, but it's way more than that in my opinion. Once you don't know how to feed yourself, your life is stunted in so many ways. My friend works in a remedial school for children who've been expelled from normal school. She teaches them practical life skills, including cooking, which their families have failed to show them. Some stuff she's told me:
    1. Some kids do not know how to use a knife and fork; they do not have them at home
    2. Some kids have never eaten at a table before
    3. Very few of the kids recognise vegetables; show them a carrot and they don't know what it is
    4. The kids do not understand the concept of ingredients; they believe that the food they eat just comes like that, in a plastic box, and don't realise that a dish is made by assembling and processing raw materials (for example, they don't know that curry is made by cooking meat and/or veg and adding spices - they think it's always curry)
    5. Many of the kids do not realise that food comes from plants and animals; when told they are horrified
    6. When they do know about the plants and animals, they don't know which ones give which foods
    7. The kids cannot differentiate cooking techniques; show them a cake in the oven and they don't know if it's being baked, boiled or fried
    8. The kids do not know how to cook anything except using the microwave; they are not aware that it is a normal thing to do, and around half of them cannot recognise when water is boiling
    9. The kids do not know any meals; if you name a foodstuff they cannot tell you what you might have with it (unless that thing is ketchup); if you say 'roast chicken', they don't know that (here in England) it's quite normal to have that with potatoes and a boiled vegetable, like peas or carrots.

    These children are 11-15 years old.

    I feel like a society that lets a child grow up not knowing how to use a knife and fork just has no respect for the person that child is and doesn't have any aspirations for their life. Will one of these kids go to university? Become a professional person? Be respected in their community? I doubt it. The sad thing is that it's not their fault at all. It's not even their parents' fault, because they don't know any better either.
  13. SatelliteEyes

    SatelliteEyes Worker Bee

    Feb 21, 2012
    I freaking love the UK and your bazillions of diet-related shows.
  14. AK91

    AK91 Guest

    I can't even watch this, it's so depressing what these perfectly able families are doing to this children
    I remember watching a documentary about obese children going to a special boarding school for fat kids & they showed this girl who was 12, I think, 200+ pounds, going in for liposuction and had never eaten a vegetable (in any form) before in her life. They showed her eating a tomato for the first time.
    People like this REALLY piss me off.
    What they do to themselves voluntarily when there are children all over starving.
    In this documentary, in the beginning a woman says in some cases she saw children getting rickets. That's not okay! Malnourished children, who don't eat even 500 calories a day get rickets! Not people who can well afford healthy food & choose to eat garbage instead.
  15. queenegoist

    queenegoist Guest

    I remember that documentary! It pissed me off because they didn't even try changing her lifestyle completely. They hopped on one fad diet to the next. She's gaining all the weight back anyway. Why would you wanna do something as dangerous as liposuction and gastric bypass and the lapband, that have tons of complications associated with them, when with the same amount of money you can hire a nutritionist, therapist, and get a gym membership. It pisses me off how lazy some people are. I see tons of weight loss surgeries being touted as the cure to obesity. It's stupid, but people are dumb enough to believe that. LOL sorry, I just get mad thinking about these things.

    This is child abuse. The state child welfare has started taken away obese children from their parents.
  16. Samira

    Samira Guest

    Do you remember which programme that was? :)
  17. Ally

    Ally Rising Star

    Jan 23, 2012
    You've just expressed everything so well ;) I agree 200% with all you said.
  18. 91lemons

    91lemons Guest

    Me to!

    But really, this just broke my heart watching those innocent little children harming their bodies like that :(

    These parents need to be held responsible for what they are doing, they are slowly killing their children.
    It is child abuse, no matter how the parents try to justify it, and there is no excuse for abuse!
  19. Layla

    Layla Super Star

    Jan 19, 2012
    I doubt this is the same program but I think I found something similar on youtube. Boarding school for fat kids:

    It's American by the way.
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  20. zer0fat

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    I would have never guessed....

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