Fashion Shows

Yay! Thanks! So many thinspos in one place! OMGOMGOMG!!!! I'm hyperventilating!!!! :bow::bow::bow:
Hahah, I love fashion shows, don't you?!

I adore them! I wait up until midnight during Fashion Month so can upload the runway pictures. I drag every ensemble I like to a desktop folder for fashion/thinspiration.
Have to say my new current favourite is the Chanel Cruise Collection 2009/2010! :luv:
Sorry girls...the last few shows on the list are out of order! I use to order them by season and then alphabetically within each season, but I don't know how to do it on the new youtube! :mad: It frustrates me so much, I want to fix it.....

This is like killing me as one of my favourites lately!!! The girls are so thin, I'm loving the neutrals trend and the style, and everything just works. SO aspirational! I wish I could find the full version on YouTube, but I think they took it down :(