Fashion Night Out



I am going to the one in my town. I have no idea whether this will be worth it since it doesn't appear there will be any sales and I do not have high hopes for the "fashion show" they plan on presenting.

I am jealous of the NYC ladies who can see the real thing.
FUCK i missed it omg NOOO it was tonight OMG i'm crying :(
it was SO cool last year maaaaaaaan .____.
FML, feels like everything is trying to rub the fact I didnt get tickets in.:( It was on tonight, gutted.
Fashion show was lame but the free booze was great! I did see something "interesting" for lack of a better word. A Rubenesque burlesque dancer in the window of a store.

While I understand that burlesque dancers look good without being skinny, this was over the line. She was way too heavy.
I went out this year, I wouldn't say it's the event of the year or anything. I got some goodies (mainly cosmetics), unfortunately couldn't eat or drink anything as I was on my fast but my friends and my sister enjoyed the free drinks. We also did a little shopping and got discounts in some stores. Unfortunately, we didn't win any of the big prizes. I wish I was in New York, I would have stalked Karlie Kloss.