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Fashion blogs from your countries



Hi, this is my first thread and I hope you will like it :)

So, I was wondering what are your favourite fashion blogs from your countries? They don´t have to be the most famous ones, just the ones you like. I would like to know what are your preferences and what the blogger scene in other countries look like.

I go first. I am from Czech Republic (Europe :grin: ) and here are few famous blogger, I follow them, but they are not my favourite.
I like fairy, I like quirky, I like weird, I like fragile.

My new favourite is Melisa Minca (well, she is from Slovakia, but our countries used to be one, so...) http://melisaminca.blogspot.co.uk/
She had blonde, pink, purple now has blue hair. She is marmaid and with oh so lovely body. Plus she has pretty hot boyfriend :lol:

My other favourite blogger is Bambi from http://bellebarbarella.blogspot.cz/ . She is one of the prettiest girls I´ve ever seen and model as well.

I don´t like all of their outfits, but this doesn´t matter. ;)