Fashion blogs from your countries



Hi, this is my first thread and I hope you will like it :)

So, I was wondering what are your favourite fashion blogs from your countries? They don´t have to be the most famous ones, just the ones you like. I would like to know what are your preferences and what the blogger scene in other countries look like.

I go first. I am from Czech Republic (Europe :grin: ) and here are few famous blogger, I follow them, but they are not my favourite.
I like fairy, I like quirky, I like weird, I like fragile.

My new favourite is Melisa Minca (well, she is from Slovakia, but our countries used to be one, so...)
She had blonde, pink, purple now has blue hair. She is marmaid and with oh so lovely body. Plus she has pretty hot boyfriend :lol:




My other favourite blogger is Bambi from . She is one of the prettiest girls I´ve ever seen and model as well.




I don´t like all of their outfits, but this doesn´t matter. ;)