Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Golden ice

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Jul 28, 2012
I searched and didn't find anything on this show. I think it is great!! It is really inspiring, and even though they don't get down to even close to SG skinny, just to see how they lose so much weight and turn their lives around, and overcome the excuses and emotional eating is really cool. :)
I love watching that show!
It's so motivating to watch those "fatties" go from eating massive amounts to sticking with 1200 calories a day while still working out. If they can do that, surely I can go from normal eating down to 5-800 calories a day.

But to be honest I mostly watch it because of Chris Powell :cool:
I'm starting looking at it, thanks to you @Golden ice!

(god, an morbidly obese PE teacher? Really?)
It's kinda refreashing to see people loosing that much weight, without getting a surgery or doing a contest (I'm thinking about the Biggest looser, the guys were more interested by the money than their own health).
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