Elza Luijendijk



Another new face, she's also featured on vogue.it. What do you think?


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Born in

How did you start modelling?
"My twin sister signed in with our agency in Holland and she didn’t told me. two days later we were in a restaurant and we were both scouted by the agency my twin sister just singed in with. So my twin sister Vera was like I am already going to meet them! So I thought if she can become a model I can to!"

Describe your style
"I love to wear oversized and small things together and like the colour black."

Your icon or favourite top model
"Linda Evangelista, she has a beautiful strong face! When you see a picture of her with 30 other girls you always see her face first! My other favourite model is Vera Luijendijk, she is my twin sister and I am so proud of her! And I have one other favourite model Annemarie Kuus! She is my best friend and she is really beautiful and she has the most amazing hair in the world!"

Your favourite dress
"My Versace dress, I love Versace its always so beautiful and strong!"

What's fashion for you
"Fashion is really important to me, it is my job and my hobby and maybe I want to become a designer when I am older."

What do you like to do in your free time
"I like to do sports, to go shopping and to customize clothes with my sister and best friend!"

What do you like to watch on TV
"The Vampire Diaries for sure! It's the best show I have ever seen."

A great experience as a model
"The Prada show! I was so happy on the moment I was on the catwalk. It was the beginning of something new and big and amazing."

A funny story
"I have so many funny stories since I started modeling."

Projects for the future
"I want to be a model as long as I live, I also want to become a designer and an actress!"

Your biggest dream
"To be in the top icon list on models.com and to be on the cover of Vogue Italia."

City/country that you want to visit
"I hope I can see as much beautiful places in my life as possible."

What is it that you love the most
"My family, my friends and modeling!"



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she does have nice arms!!!her face is a bit bland though.....
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I like her. I would love to see some more pics though.
For me, Elza Luijendijk blows all the other newcomers out of the water.
She is going to be the next big thing. :luv:
@elena the pic is not working :(
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