Ella Richards


Super Star
May 11, 2012
Keith Richards' granddaughter, Lucie de la Falaise's daughter. Wasn't sure whether to put her in models or celebrities.

Her face is even more boring and average than Kendall's, yet she's showing up in some big shows. Her body looks good though.

Prada S/S 2015

Anna Sui S/S 2015

Diesel Black Gold S/S 2015

Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2015

Edun S/S 2015

Richard Chai Love S/S 2015


Calvin Klein Collection - Resort 2015 (C)

Tom Ford F/W 2014

Giles F/W 2014

Calvin Klein Collection S/S 2013

Why is she getting booked :facepalm:

Sonia Rykiel



Giambattista Valli

Tom Ford

Mary Katrantzou
I actually find her quite pretty, but given that she descends from Keith Richards she's a miracle :D
She's sort of the perfect model, don't you think? Wonderfully thin and with such a boring face, one is compelled to look only at the clothes... In contrast, when someone like Sigrid or Freja walks down the runway I can hardly be bothered to notice what she's wearing ;)
I'm not even sure that I like her body. Def don't like thw face and there is something wrong with her legs.
Why is she getting booked :facepalm:

You know why :meh: haha

I think she's really pretty if you imagine her as, say, a character in Gossip Girl. As a model, I think she has potential and could do well once she matures a little and develops her craft, but right now, I don't think she's there yet and it causes her to blend into the background.
She is thin but kind of ordinary body-wise, her face looks quite disproportionate. She looks like a gawky teenager ://
I like the heavy eye makeup on her. She's ok I suppose. I wonder if she dyed her hair ... Either white blonde or dark brown ... Might work better for her.
Nah, I don't see it. She's fine for a girl on the street but her face is not model material. She looks sad/bored and gives me a librarian vibe (no offense to librarians, some are very interesting ;)). Anyway that said, if a designer is looking for a truly blank slate she is it, so I guess that's why she's getting booked.
I actually think it's something else that's getting her booked..

Haha that's true, there are so many better models than her who never make it. She's lucky to have someone helping her out... :whistling:
I don't think her career will last though.
I quite like her face, but she needs to put some personality into it. She looks so bored and blah, definitely needs to put more effort in.