Elizabeth Debicki


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Aug 20, 2021
Elizabeth Debicki is a currently trending actress on a hot streak, graduating from an elementary Marvel Cinematic Universe role to working with Christopher Nolan in Tenet. She is now about to portray Princess Diana in one of the most currently acclaimed shows on television, The Crown. As I said before in the Emma Corrin thread, her figure is appropriately regal and striking. It seems as if being one of the skinniest actresses working in Hollywood par Zendaya is paying off. She is also 6’3!


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I have to disagree with you here. I think she's a great actress and love her face, but her body is pretty average. Definitely better than the majority of actresses at the moment, but skinny? No. I think her height gives the impression she's svelte, but that also means with just a bit lost, maybe 10-15lbs, she'd be amazing!
Her upper body is lovely but her legs especially could do with some work.


debicki london.jpg
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I'm confused about why so many of the new celebrity threads are about quite average looking women such as Elizabeth Debicki (who this thread is discussing), Emma Corrin, Thomasin McKenzie etc. Sure, they're all beautiful women but this isn't a takedown thread, and as this is posted on SGF am I wrong to expect to see skinny celebrities?
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I thought she looked very elegant in this recently released Diana photo:

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She looks like she's gained quite a bit of weight in those pictures compared to say the first picture in this thread. Her pose gives her away, she looks so uncomfortable and self-conscious like she's focusing on sticking out her collarbones and keeping her arms off her side.