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Dominique Piek


Dec 31, 2012
South Africa
Dominique is a model from South Africa. She's not particularly well-known, and if this should be in Takedowns, feel free to move it! Dominique's also dating Chris Pine
(from This Means War). I've only seen bikini and lingerie pictures of her, and she's been on the cover of FHM and Sports Illustrated.

She's 5'10" and 34-24-35, or 178cm and 87-60-90. She's a size 6 but her weight's unknown. I'm guessing 115-120?

I like her stomach and think she's quite pretty in the face, but her arms are quite chubby and her thighs are also too solid. She's way too athletic for my tastes as well - of she lost 10-15lbs I think she'd look lovely.