Does Anyone Know Who These Runway Models Are?



I hope I'm putting this post in the right place... (If not, mods, feel free to move).

There is a new model blog that I'm slowly falling in love with, and yesterday, the writer posted some runway pics, and I'm dying to know who they are. I figure you guys are the experts.

Does anyone know who these models are? Especially the 3rd and 4th pictures down?

Thanks in advance! :)
Anyone??!!!! :confused: I thought there were a bunch of models around here?

Anyway you all are probably still preoccupied with all the drama stuff going on. I'll be patient.
Yeah I originally meant these two models:

Now I want to know who this is:

I wish the blogger would label the runway model photos with names. They only do it with the supermodels and VS models.

Once again, if anyone can help I would be grateful. I want to find the models' names so I can find more pictures of them and possibly find their diet plans. :wtf: