Currently watching 'The Truth About Online Anorexia' with Fearne Cotton. It's....well, it's not so good! I think it completely misses the point, actually.
Does anyone have recommendations for other documentaries? I find them so fascinating.
I watched that documentary too, it really misses the point. The only part that made me laugh is when Fearne Cotton discovers an old picture of herself on a pro ana website and she is so shocked....

I prefer documentaries about the earth, other countries and cultures, animals and so on, so if you are looking for a good documentary about anorexia, I don't think I'm that helpful.

But there is a youtube video I can recommend. It's a Peta documentary called "Meet your Meat" is very hard to watch, but it was one of the reasons I became a vegeterian some years ago (before I became a vegan).
I'm veggie already, but I don't think I can watch it, I'm not so good with stuff like that!
There is a documentary called Fat Head (netflix accessible). It's really an eye opener with humor.

Highly recommended to watch, if weight loss & healthy living are your goals.
Another very good one:

Miss Representation (2011)
Explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America, and challenges the media's limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman.

Not exactly about weight, but about women and image in society.


or your trusty uncle Torrent.
anyone (german) saw the movie "hunger" yesterday on "das vierte"... it was a movie (not a documentary) about bulimia and how it affects was not that new and sometimes it was a bit strange, but i liked it.
you can watch it online on "das vierte"
A documentary called "THIN" (can be watched on youtube)

Dana The 8 year old Anorexic (youtube)- This is a good one as well

I'm A Boy Anorexic (youtube)

Super Skinny Me. (youtube) about two women challenging themselves to get down to size 0

i watched THIN yesterday. it really struck a chord with me. i felt so sorry for them all. cant believe polly died :( so sad.
I love documentaries about being healthy, vegetarian, stuff like that.

Forks Over Knives (On netflix, pro-vegetarian, very enlightening, i LOVE this movie)
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (Netflix, We get to watch this fat guy lose weight by juice fasting, and he changed another man's life in the process)
Food Matters (Netflix, Another pro-vegetarian, pro-raw foods movie)
Vegucated (One woman helps turn several people vegan/vegetarian and changes their lives!)

I have seen THIN and it is pretty disturbing to me, very emotional watching these women.

Also, unrelated to health, I watched "Religulous" from Bill Maher yesterday. I love it and it's hilarious and he kind of goes to prove religion/Christianity is silly. No offense to any of you religious gals out there, but it's a good movie to me.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (Netflix, We get to watch this fat guy lose weight by juice fasting, and he changed another man's life in the process)
I watched this about a month or so ago. It was really inspiring.
I love watching Planet Earth. It is a series of documentaries. Every episode features a different part of the Earth. One episode was about caves (it was fascinating!), one was about oceans, one about mountains and so on. It really is an eye opener, this series.