Do you wear leather or fur?


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Jan 27, 2012
I'm a vegetarian and I guess you could say I am hypocritical because I wear leather and fur.

I'm not even vegetarian due to health reasons I became one because my dad used to go hunting and just thought it was disgusting to eat meat since my dad used to go boasting about all the animals he and his friends used to hunt. So I am against animal cruelty.

But the thing is I continued to wear leather jackets and fur coats. I have a dozen of these. I even have leather sofas in my parents home and leather seats in both my mom and dad's cars. Obviously I can't go and say I can't sit in a car because it has leather seats. But I also have a ton of leather shoes which I like very much.

I'm not trying to justify myself. I know I probably shouldn't wear leather or fur and I won't provide any excuses for doing so. I know there are a lot people on this board that are vegetarian and avoids leather and fur but is there anyone on this board like me?

Please don't be mad
I'm vegan and I don't wear leather or fur. I think if you really are against animal cruelty you wouldn't wear real fur, there is lots of fake fur and I can't even tell the difference. I'm sorry it just makes no sense to me.
I can always tell the difference and won't touch polyurethane. I don't like fur but I like quality leather.

But I'm not a vegetarian anyways.
I;m not a vegetarian, use to be kinda... im really picky of my meat, since i don't like the taste of most and the rub bits just turn me off. But im a big animal lover and i think fur coats is stupid and pathetic, I don't believe in killing a beautiful animal just so we can wear it....If i did wear any i wear were fake.
I'm not a vegetarian. I love leather, will not wear fur. I guess I have a very sort of Native American view about it. They used every single part of their kills. They ate the meat and used the pelts and so on. Many people around the world eat beef. It's my understanding that this is where the hide comes from for leather. I don't advocate killing animals just for the sheer pleasure of using their fur for fashion. But if people are going to eat the cow anyway, I have no problem using the leather. Better that than it go to waste.

Although, when you think about it... it's kinda gross. Makes me think of Texas Chainsaw or Hannibal Lecter.

"It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again."
I've been vegetarian since I was 16, although this year I started eating fish again (I try and limit my choices to environmentally friendly varieties). I always felt wearing fur or leather was pretty hypocritical. My qualm with the meat industry has always been the way in which the animals are raised-- packed into tiny enclosures and treated with little dignity or kindness. The fur and leather industries treat animals the same way, sometimes worse.

Anyway, I'm not just here to preach at you! I was just going to point you to my fave vegan shoe site, They have a lot of brands, and you can be sure they're all free of animal products. I got a pair of boots from there two Christmases ago and they held up really well, and you could barely tell they were faux suede.
I'm Vegetarian and I don't wear leather or fur. Fur is just cruel, disgusting, and unnecessary, but I don't judge others who wear it. I definitely won't throw some paint on a person if I see them wearing fur like some organizations...:whistling:

Seriously! I HATE those stupid PETA f***ers, giving normal, peace-loving vegans/vegetarians a bad name!
I'm a vegetarian, and I don't wear either leather or fur.... If you feel guilty about it, maybe you should switch to fake?

To be honest, the thought of wearing skin grosses me out almost as much as the thought of eating meat. :/
I don't wear fur but I do wear leather since the plastics used to make fake leathers are toxic. I try to minimize plastic in my life as much as possible, so no fake fur or fake leather.
I'm not vegetarian, but i don't like fur. Leather is no problem to me because it's everywhere- jackets, shoes, wallets, chairs, sofas, cars... Can you imagine really comfortable shoes without leather?
I think when someone is against fur/leather- it's ok since they don't force me or anyone not to wear animals too. My friend had a story connected- she was in NYC for autumn visiting her family there. They're quite rich so it wasn't a problem to buy her a beautiful fur jacket she has been dreaming of. When she got it, she put it on immediately and went for a walk with her cousin to see New York. Then she has been hit with a baloon fulled with red paint- the girl who did it shout "go kill another animal" and many bad words.. the girl end up with a sentence to pay my friend for the jacket...
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I think that fur can be acceptable, but only if the animal was treated properly and euthanized with the rules of the International Fur Trade Federation ( and is not an endangered specie. For example, rabbits. Their overpopulation could be devastating to the food chain and rabbits reproduce very, very quickly.
Nope :) I find it a little icky when I see others wearing leathers/furs, but I never make comments. There are enough people out there who hate vegetarians already haha
I have inherited/been given fur and leather but it's not something I buy for myself and I'm self-conscious wearing it. I can't lie though, I love the look of leather boots. :luv:
I would never, even wear fur. I do wear leather, but I'm certainly not proud of it at all.
I never wore fur, don't wear leather anymore and try not to buy wool.

You do know they don't kill sheep for their wool right? They just shave 'em :)

I've never worn real fur, not because I'm against it on principle per se, but it's expensive and there are plenty of nice looking fake furs out there. I try to always buy real leather because it looks so much better than fake leather... No principles there, I like animals, but I'm not a vegetarian and I don't intend to become one in the near future either.
I used to refuse wearing fur, I wouldn't even touch it. But now I have recently changed my mind..

#1. You know how you see all those awful animal abuse videos of the people skinning animals alive for their fur? That's in Asia. Majority of furs are from North America (especially when you buy here). Also, do you think these animals are treated horribly while they lived? No, because the fur would look bad, and unhealthy. They fed them extremely well, and treated them with care.

#2. Buying faux fur is VERY bad for the environment. It is made out of petroleum, a non-renewable resource. When you buy fur, it lasts forever and can be re-used.

#3. Alot of the people who farm/catch these animals for fur use, eat the meat as well. So not the whole animal is wasted.

-I never wanted to wear fur due to the many cruelty videos I have seen, but those videos are not normal. It never happens in North America. It's illegal. And if you feel better, just don't buy fur from China :)

Oh, and as for leather, I think it's fine. People will always eat cows. Why waste their skin? I think it's worse if we just threw it away.