Dance Moms



I'm obsessed with Dance moms! It's on Tuesdays on Lifetime, 9 PM Eastern Time. It's gotten popular lately. If you didn't know, it's about a group of talented young dancers and their moms and teacher, Abbey Lee Miller. It's a guilty pleasure for me haha!!!
Abbey Lee, the teacher (not to be confused with Abbey Lee the model!) is, like, obese. (She's a big sassy bitch lol.) I thought dance was supposed to be a good aerobic workout, but I swear this woman is HUGE.
The girls are all pretty slim and fit as dancers, but I think Paige is the skinniest.
This is easily my favorite show (shameful I know) This just encourages me to do dancing/stretching more as most of the girls are so lean and thin. I'm also a sucker for the drama, haha
Just watched this for the first time last night and I'm OBSESSED...I think I've watched like seven episodes already! Chloe is so thin and toned, it makes me so jealous :luv: crazy thinspo on there!
OMG I love this show! And I'm embarrassed to say so, I prefer the dance numbers over the drama, as well as the dancers over the "teacher" Abbey Lee Miller. She is disgusting, fat and angry, not a good combo