Crystal renn




So she was fat, now she's skinny (THOUGH I think she still needs to lose quite a bit). She was an icon of plus size modeling and wen't woth the whole "rEAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES.... love my body... eat healthy.... not too thin like all the other model :nopity:" bit. Though I like her new body better, I hate her for her hypocricy :confused: and I hate her face. What do you guys think?
I think she looks so much better now. I think it shows how lame all the "real women have curves" campaigns are when girls who were for that lose a ton of weight.
She looks like a HEALTHY, TONED model now. Not "plus size" but more like regular size.
idk why she is in Sports Illustrated though.... she just looks average
I read her autobiography at Barnes & Noble; really sad what she went through.
She actually orignially had anorexia, then gained all that weight. She made a statement about how staying overweight was as unhealthy as her eating disorder and Everyone hated on her for losing more weight.
Just found that screenshot of an interview with her:

"Model"... :lol:

I always wondered why she became a plus size model. I don't mean the weight
gain (and loss), I mean the face. Aren't plus size models supposed to be at
least pretty? She looks so average. Like some momma who loves to eat a lot of
pasta and hangs out at the hairdresser gossiping about skinny women.
Might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like her! She had an eating disorder as a younger girl, so while recovering it's understandable she gained weight.

However, her recent weight loss shows that she's actually on her way to becoming healthy, both physically and mentally. She's been able to lose weight, which is good for her body, while not relapsing (This part I don't know but I'm guessing at, if she just relapsed then I'm very sad)
It's your opinion, nothing wrong with it. ;)

I btw read her book a while ago. Wasn't a good one... But well, she was a chubby teen ans some scout told her she cold model if she lost a lot of weight. That was a bad base for a modeling career imo.
I don't think she'll ever be super skinny either, I think she looks good now though, she's not that fat and even though I think her face is great (looks beautiful in the second to last picture above with the leather jacket) she just exaggerates everything, reminds me of coco rocha and it's annoying as hell