Crystal Renn has 'betrayed' her former fat friends

Discussion in 'Models' started by Ally, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Ally

    Ally Rising Star

    Jan 23, 2012
    I came across this article, and while reading it, I went from being totally serene and happy to being outrageously provoked. It seems like the fact that Crystal has finally came across her demons (went from being anorexic to overweight to finally a somewhat healthy lifestyle and healthy weight) does not please the editor in chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones.

    “Everyone rallied around her and now she’s turned against us,” PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones told in an exclusive interview. “We have been betrayed by her.”

    That s**t totally takes Crystal down with non-sense arguments. If she was in front of be I'd probably slap her.. (mentally) :grin: I can't even express how mad I was because of all the crap she said.

    Here's a link to the whole article:

    So what do you girls think, how does this make you feel?? Is she just another jealous fatty among others, drowning into hate and disrespect to attempt make her own insecurities go away?
  2. Jane

    Jane Rookie

    Feb 10, 2012
    I think that this lady needs to STFU and stop playing the victim. These people did NOT "rally around her" when she wanted to become a plus size model. They capitalized on the clout of having a former high fashion model selling their agenda. They didn't do her any favors, they patted themselves on the back for reeling in a better (for them) "product". They're angry because they can no longer use her to bring in revenue. If they gave a shit about her as a person as she's implying they would have been supportive of her embracing a healthier lifestyle. This lady is an ignorant asshole, Crystal did not lose the weight overnight. She took her time and you can, in fact, lose weight doing yoga and hiking regularly if you add that to simply eating natural, healthy food and stopping when you're no longer hungry instead of stuffing yourself like a turkey on junk. Listen to your body, find your center, nourish yourself and the weight will surely come off. I'm supportive of the "love yourself no matter what you look like" movement. This though, this is admitted fat mongering, it's saying "Fat is the way, get fat, stay fat". Assholes.

    Crystal is not skinny, but she looks so healthy and beautiful to me, good for her. How very dare they?

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  3. aeron

    aeron Guest

    EXACTLY! I mean, they ONLY cared about her because of her weight! Why should she have any loyalty to them? Although I was NOT a fan of heavier Crystal, I think it was admirable that she was comfortable in her own skin at any weight. I'm sure it was really hard, recovering from an ED to find that delicate balance of healthy and still happy with what you look like. So it took her some extra pounds and and a little longer to figure it out? It's awful that these women are actually ANGRY at her for being healthy. WTF
  4. KeKo

    KeKo Guest

    To play devil's and modelling is a tough world..for plus or high fashion models... people are going to "rally" no matter what size you are. As soon as you are on the front cover of something, you're pissing somebody off.

    Just stfu and deal with it.

    Okay, that didn't sound as "advocating" as I originally intentioned.
  5. AnnaLeah Rose


    Jan 16, 2012
    I know, those people are probably just so jealous. It's not like she looks anorexic or anything. It's her body; she has the right to lose weight if she wants. And she looks lovely!
  6. classichic

    classichic Super Star

    Jan 27, 2012
    I'm glad she lost the weight. I think there needs to be someone in the model industry that should represent people that have her kind of body. Its either plus size or pretty skinny.

    If she continues to lose wight I will still support her but I still think the modeling industry needs to get girls that represent a more in between body. Although I am a fan of skinny models and I like the idea of models being an image and still want to see skinny models on the catwalks and campaigns. I just want there to be an outlet in the modeling industry for the people that have a body like her. I wouldn't mind seeing like Marks and Spencers use her for a campaign or for Asda and Tesco clothing.
  7. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    yes. i would be fine with healthy slim inbetween models... like doing some editorial stuff;)
  8. Andie

    Andie Worker Bee

    Feb 25, 2012
    Crystal wasn't successful as a normal (that means thin) model. She became popular as "a fatty who used to be thin but now fights against that mania to look like an anorexic". Not because of her style, her face, her walk,... - which all is avarage or awful - but because of her weight. Now she lost weight and became a nobody again.
  9. Babydoll

    Babydoll Guest

    What is so wrong about Crystal Renn getting to a healthier weight???
    Those Plus Size Magazine fatties are probably jealous that they are too lazy to drop a few pounds.
    It is hypocritical that the magazine was all: "BODY ACCEPTANCE! No need to be skinny to be beautiful! Don't let anybody tell you that you must be one size only! Blah blah blah!" and now they're all: "Be fat, fat is good, fat is superior."
    They are pretty much saying that fat is good and thin is bad.
  10. analinne

    analinne Rookie

    Jan 16, 2012
    'Betrayed' her former fat friends ???
    They were never her friends! She was just a fatty model for them, who made them money :mad:

    She now looks great at a healthy weight. She isn't popular like she used to be, but hopefully healthy!
  11. Thin2012

    Thin2012 Banned

    Jan 19, 2012
    I wish the weight would magically melt off of me like it did Crystal. Sigh.

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