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    I'm in love with this tool!
    it's not only a calorie calculator, it also tracks your nutrition (carb/protein content,vitamin content etc), plus you can log in your exercise too.

    It will also suggest how much calories you could/should consume based on your stats (you log in your height&weight and whether you want to maintain your weight or whether you want to lose and how much you want to lose per week - best part: it's not judgemental:grin: cronometer won't be like "oh no, if your bmi is lower than 18.5 you really shouldn't be losing 2lbs per'll die!!!". it just suggest how much calories you should consume.You can also log in what kind of diet you're following (in case you're "dieting".for example low carb, low-fat-high-carb-vegan,paleo etc. and it will tell you whether your food intake meets the suggested nutritional goals of that diet --> sorry for any grammar flaws,english is not my first language)
    Best calculator ever! :kiss:
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    Interesting...I'm checking it right now :) thanks!

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