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Aug 19, 2014
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Due to a freak accident (I'll be posting about it in the Support Resources section shortly), I'm now bald (the doctors cut it all off, the bastards). Obviously, it'll grow back out, and I'm lucky in that I have very fast growing hair, but in the meantime I need a way to look somewhat decent.

Wrapping a scarf around my head is all well and good, but I really don't want to look like a cancer victim (I'm saving that for when I get cancer in ten years time. Thank you genetics). I want my head decorations to look good, not like I'm just covering up. Basically, I don't want people to see me and automatically think that I'm covering something, even though I am.

So, I'm turning to you stylish ladies. Does anyone have any ideas for ways I could cover up my bald and scarred head for the next few months without looking either A) Sick, or B) like a desperate wanna-be hippie (I just can't pull it off. I don't have the laid back attitude). Any ideas are welcome. Right now I'm just wearing a headscarf Hijab-style, which is fine, but I'd really like to change it up a bit in the coming months, until my head has healed and my hair is presentable again.

But a cool wig in a colour you always wanted your natural hair to be, but maybe never quite had the courage to do, or wasn't sure about it:) Or buy more than one, and vary them. You can see what your best hair colour is. Until the hair grows back, at least you will have some fun.
Apart from scarves, I don't think that there is much else you can do with a bald head.
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Seconding the wig. I was bald for a while (by choice, thankfully), so I just bought a ton of wigs in fun styles, and wore them to match my outfits. No one said anything, I think because no one wants to be the person that calls out someone with cancer/some disease that causes hair loss. And if you decide to continue wearing scarves, just Google 'head scarf tutorial,' and you'll find hundreds of stylish ways to wear them without looking like a hippie knockoff.
I'm sure you look just as beautiful beautiful with a bald head, but one thing that I think you could do is henna! I think it is so gorgeous, and breath-taking! The beauty in henna is that you're embracing the way you look with art, it's just so lovely. Who knows, maybe you could give it a try :)
I wore a few wigs when I was bald too, but I also had a few turbans I wore. I never thought I'd end up wearing a turban! They do take a bit of styling to make them look good, but I always liked them when I was wearing big winter coats etc. My hair grew back very quickly though, and then I changed to wearing those kinds of berets that are knitted and sit at the back of your head (probably makes no sense...) since I had a few inches of hair, it just looked like a close pixie cut.
You'll want your hair to grow back longer as soon as possible, but my advice is to still get it cut/styled when it's shorter! That way you won't need to wear hats/scarves so much, you can just pretend it's intentionally short hair ;)


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