Coursera course on Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle.

Discussion in 'Online' started by salander, May 8, 2013.

  1. salander

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    Don't know if any of you ladies are interested, but Coursera is offering a free online nutrition course that just started - the first week assignments are due May 12th, so you can still start today and have time to complete the work by the due date for the first week. :) Here is a link where you can check it out.

    I figured it might be interesting to some of you because of how nutritionally-minded some of us are, and it could be useful in determining a balance of nutrients in a restrictive diet. I signed up and am giving it a shot. If nothing else, I figure knowing what I "should" be eating or doing might help influence my decisions of how I approach my intake.
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    Oooh this sounds really interesting!

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